I am not an historian and do not claim that any of the information found on this site regarding this topic is 100% correct, but I have had a fascination with Ancient Egypt and the medieval period for many years. When I visit book shops I am automatically drawn to these topics and I can stand flipping through pages of colourful books for a very long time.

Below you will find two lists of posts. The first are all posts to be found on this website relating to Ancient Egypt and the second are all the posts relating to medieval times.

Please note that the words found in these posts are not my own. They are all excerpts from books I’ve borrowed or owned over the years. My early posts do not show a source and I sincerely regret not making a note of this important information. If you know the book and/or author, and it isn’t shown on the page you are viewing, please leave a comment so that I can amend the post(s) accordingly.

Ancient Egypt:

Weights and Measures
Deir el-Medina
The Opet Festival
The Magic of Names
The Armarna Letters
Symbolic Power
The Predynastic Period
The King’s Name
Egyptian Timeline
The Rosetta Stone
Egyptian Dress
Food and Banquets
Workers and Slaves
Ancient Egypt: Did you know?
Skilled Workers
Wonder of the World
Priest, Politician and God
A Great Civilization
Valley of the Kings
Making Camp
Weapons & Armour
First Armies
Court & Nobles
Egyptian Poor
Egyptian Rich
Curse of the Mummy
Egyptian Toiletries
The Meaning of Colours
Cleopatra’s Story
18th Dynasty in Detail
Tutankhamun’s Tomb
Animal Mummies
Egyptian Scribe
The Funeral
Preparing a Mummy
Egyptian Chronology
Marking Time
Food & Shopping Facts
Egyptian Women
Egyptian Furniture
Egyptian Houses
The Egyptian Family

Medieval Period:

Doomsday Book – Part 4 of 4
Doomsday Book – Part 3 of 4
Doomsday Book – Part 2 of 4
Doomsday Book – Part 1 of 4
Brewing Ale and Making Wine
Medieval Cooking
Medieval: Did you know?
Time Line of the Black Death
The Plague Maiden
Weapons of the Middle Ages
From Mail to Plate Armour
A Knight and his Armour
The Knighting Ceremony
The Squire: A Knight in Training
The Page: A Military Apprentice
The Rise of the Knight
Medieval Betrothal
Medieval Guilds
General Conditions and Sanitation
“Causes” and “Cures”
Role of the Medieval Doctor
The Plague of 1665
Plague Aftermath
Symptoms of Bubonic Plague
Plague: How it Began!
Lords & Ladies
Three Types of Plague
The Great Fire of 1666
The Castle
Castle Under Seige
The Medieval Horse
The Medieval Village
Childbirth and Infancy

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