Curse of the Mummy

The Ancient Egyptian infuence on the occult is reinforced by many tales of the “mummy’s curse” which continue to capture public imagination. The earliest record of a ghost story involving a mummy was written in France in 1699. The mummy, together with Dracula and Frankenstein, prove the the theme has remained ever-popular for horror movies.

Ancient egypt’s connection with the occult was publicised when the so-called “Curse of Tutankhamun” was claimed by the press to be responsible for the death of Lord Carnarvon. Carnarvon, the expedition’s sponsor who had a history of ill-helath, died from an infected mosquito bite shortly after the tomb’s discovery. However, those wishing to support the superstition about his death never pointed out that the man mainly responsible for the famous find, Howard Carter, lived until well into his sixties.


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