18th Dynasty in Detail


Pyramids - Image from Wiki Commons

If you take a good look at the 18th dynasty and follow it through carefully, you will see how often families intermarried. In a lot of instances, the Pharoah would initially marry a cousin or sister but would then go on to marry his own daughter or grand daughter. It is also rumoured that one Pharoah married his own mother. Keep reading to find out for yourself:

Ahmose Nebhepetyre; Ahmose; Ahmosis I 1539 – 1514

Great Wife – Ahmose Nefertary
Minor Wifes – Kasmut and Thenthapi

Children with Ahmose Nefertary
Merytamun – eldest daughter (died young)
Satamun – 2nd daughter (died infant)
Sapair – eldest son (died young)
Saamen – 2nd son (died infant)
Aahotep – 3rd daughter (Queen)
Amenhotep I – 3rd son (King)
Satkames – 4th daughter (died aged ~30)
Ahmose – daughter

Children with Kasmut – daughter named Tair

Children with Thenthapi – daughter named Henttameh

    Amenhotep I Djeserkare; Amenhotep; Amenhotpe I; Amenophis I 1514 – 1493

    Great Wife – Aahotep (his sister)
    Minor Wife – Merytamun (his sister)

    Children with Aahotep – son named Amunemhat

      Thutmose I Akheperkare; Tuthmosis; Tuthmose I; Thutmosis I; Djehutymes I 1493 – 1481

      Great Wife – Ahmose (daughter of Ahmose Nebhepetyre and Ahmose Nefertary)
      Minor Wife – Moutnofrit

      Children with Ahmose – 2 sons Wadjmose and Amenmose (both died early) and 2 daughters Hatshepsut and Neferukheb

      Children with Moutnofrit – son named Tuthmose II

        Thutmose II Tuthmosis; Tuthmose II; Thutmosis II; Djehutymes II(Akheperenre) 1481 – 1479

        Great Wife – Hatshepsut (his half sister)
        Minor Wife – Isis

        Children with Isis – son Tuthmose III

          Hatshepsut (Maatkare) 1473 – 1458 (the Queen who became King)

          Husband – Tuthmose II (her half brother)

          Children with lover, Senmut – daughter Nefrure

            Thutmose III; Tuthmosis; Tuthmose III; Thutmosis III; Djehutymes III(Menkheperre) 1479 – 1425

            Great Wife – Nefrure (his step sister) (died)
            Great Wife – Sitiah (was soon replaced)
            Great Wife – Hatshepsut Meryetre
            Minor Wifes – Menhet, Menwi, Merti

            Children (not sure who the mothers were) – 5 sons and at least two daughters; son Amenemhat died early so the crown went to Hatshepsut Meryetre’s son Amenhotep II

              Amenhotep II; Amenhotep (heqaiunu); Amenhotpe II; Amenophis II (Akheperure) 1427 – 1392

              Great Wife – Meryet-Amun
              Great Wife – Hatshepsut Meryetre (his mother)
              Minor Wifes – Tiaa and many others but un-named

              Children (by Meryet-Amun, Tiaa and other minor wifes) – Tuthmose IV, Amenhotep, Khaemwaset(?), Amenemopet, Ahmose, Webensenu, Nedjem

                Thutmose IV Tuthmosis: Tuthmose IV; Thuthmosis IV; DjeheutymesIV (Menkheperure) 1392 – 1382

                Great Wife – Tiaa (his mother)
                Minor Wife – Mutemwiya

                Children with Mutemwiya – Amenhotep III

                  Amenhotep III Amenhotep III (heqawaset); Amenhotpe III; Amenophis III; Nubmaatre (Nebmaatre) 1382 – 1344

                  Great Wife – Tiye (father’s name was Yuya)

                  Children with Tiye – Akhenaten

                    Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten Neferkheperure; Amenhotpe IV; Amenophis IV 1352 – 1336 Neferneferuaten; Nefertiti 1341 – 1337

                    Great Wife – Nefertiti (for 12 years)
                    Great Wife – Kiya (for 2 years) (died from the plague)
                    Great Wife – Merytaten (for 2 years) (his daughter)
                    Minor Wifes – Kiya (until Nefertiti disappeared from the scene), Mekataten (his daughter) and Ankhesenpaatan (his daughter)

                    Children with Nefertiti – 6 daughters named Ankhesenpaatan, Merytaten, Neferneferuaten, Neferneferure, Mekataten, and Sotepenre (last 4 daughters died of the plague) (not born in this order)

                    Children with Kiya – 2 sons named Smenkhare and Tutankhamen

                    Children with Merytaten (his daughter) – a daughter named Merytaten the Younger

                      Smenkhkare Neferkheperure; Amenhotpe IV; Amenophis IV (Ankhkheperure) 1337 – 1336

                      Great Wife – Merytaten (his half sister)

                        Tutankhamun (Nebkheperure) Tutankhaten; Tutankhamun (heqaiunushema); Tutankhamen; 1336 – 1327

                        Great Wife – Ankhesenpaatan (his half sister)

                        Children with Ankhesenpaatan – 2 still born daughters found in Tutankhamun grave with him

                          Ay (Kheperkheperure) Ay (itnetjer) 1327 – 1323 (Brother of Queen Tiye & Father of Nefertiti)

                          Great Wife – Ankhesenpaatan (his grand daughter)
                          Minor Wife – Tiy II

                          No Heir.

                            Horemheb (Djeserkheperure) Djeserkheperure Setepenre; Horemheb (meryamun); Horemhab; Haremhab; 1323 – 1295

                            A military leader appointed by the people.

                            Great Wife – Amenia (for 4 years before dying)
                            Great Wife – Mutnedjmet (Nefertiti’s sister) (died in childbirth – the foetus was buried with her)

                            Horemheb had no heir so he appointed a military leader to succeed him.

                            That leader was Ramesses I.


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