Writing Ideas

Where can you get ideas for your story? Everywhere! Look around, watch carefully and see what happens to your imagination.

If you’re not convinced take a look at the list below and then let your mind take over.

If you think of something that isn’t on the list, please leave a comment. Thank you to the members of my message board who helped me put this list together.

  • your imagination
  • dreams
  • people
  • places
  • your own experiences
  • reading
  • reference books
  • the internet
  • the library
  • talking to people
  • diaries
  • newspaper clippings
  • phone books
  • information centres
  • maps
  • churchs
  • photos
  • magazines
  • videos
  • old newspaper ads
  • museums
  • buildings
  • history
  • TV – documentaries
  • chance phrases
  • songs
  • lateral thinking
  • watching people
  • words
  • Scientific bonding (like sacrificial protection)
  • Board games/ strategies
  • emotions
  • art
  • spider diagrams
  • animals
  • pets
  • children
  • weather

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2 thoughts on “Writing Ideas

  1. Poems…I use to write poems in my younger days and the very first noval I started (but lost half way into it) was from a poem I wrote.

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