eBook Review: Hollowland

Hollowland (The Hollows, #1)Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Firstly, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read a book with so many typos in it. Virtually every page had a word or some sort of punctuation missing. The book needs a really good edit because at present it reads like a first draft, which is a shame.

Secondly, the main character can do anything (almost). She can single-handedly kill a horde of zombies without so much as a scratch. Some call this “badass”, I call it ridiculous and unrealistic.

Yet … if you push these things aside and just read the book at face value, without thinking about it too much, then entertainment wise it was a good read. I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what was going to happen, and who was going to die next.

It was gory in parts and there were some imaginative ways of killing used. And no one was immune (excuse the pun) to death, so there’s no use pinning all your hopes on any of the support characters.

There was even a bit of romance. Not much, mind you, which was good because in all honesty there’s no time amongst all the running and killing.

This was a free download. I’m not sorry I read it as it was quite entertaining. It’s just a pity the author didn’t invest more time into polishing it up a bit before releasing it.


4 thoughts on “eBook Review: Hollowland

  1. I’m glad you were honest with your book review. It’s good you found some redeeming qualities. I have to write a review for a memoir that I’m reading. And I’m dreading it because I’ve been trying to read it for two months and I can’t get through it. I know it’s not me because I just read “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” which I read in one sitting.
    Any words of wisdom?

    • Be honest. If there’s something that doesn’t sit right, then mention it in your review. But that goes for the good things in a story too … and there are usually good points as well as the bad. Very few stories are all bad … or all good, for that matter.

      Also remember, that not all books are for everyone too. You may not enjoy the memoir because it’s not the type of book you normally read, or maybe it’s the writing style, or the content (as in the life lived isn’t speaking to you for whatever reason).

      Good luck with the review.

  2. Hi Karen:
    Thanks for the tips.
    I skipped a few chapters and read the last chapter to the finish the book last night.
    Now, I have to get the review written.
    Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

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