eBook Review: Hal Spacejock

Hal SpacejockHal Spacejock by Simon Haynes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book took me longer than anticipated to read, but that wasn’t the fault of the book … life demanded my attention elsewhere. Once those demands were met, I was able to immerse myself back into the story. It was easy to pick up where I left off too.

Hal Spacejock is a fumbling pilot of a run down spaceship. He is joined by Clunk, an ‘aging’ (meaning out-of-date, old technology) robot, and Navcom, the ship’s computer system. They all have great personalities but Clunk was my favourite by far. He made me feel sorry for him, which meant I cared what happened to him.

Together, they set out on a ‘job’ and trouble follows them every inch of the way. Honestly, these are not a group to get friendly with because they only leave havoc behind them … even when they are trying to help!

There are some funny moments, intentional clichés that will make you smile and some sexual tension between robot and computer that will leave you feeling quite uncomfortable. It’s all in good fun and great entertainment though. And it’s all done with smooth writing skills and a flow that makes it easy reading.

This book is light-hearted, fun and fast-paced. Something is always happening. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


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