Looks Do Count

For regular readers of this website, I must apologise for the constant swapping and changing of the theme. There may be over 100 themes to pick from but I find most of them are too much alike so there isn’t really much to pick from. Bold themes are too bold, too ‘in your face’. Colourful themes have too much colour, or colours that don’t suit my needs, or colours I simply don’t like. Minimal themes are too basic, too black and white, and lack everything!

Or maybe I’m just too fussy.

I like themes with a defined top menu. I prefer the blog title to be visible but not the only thing you see when you land on the home page. I want the content and the sidebar to be well defined too, separate … not merged into one. I like colour (vivid or pastel), but it needs to be elegantly done and the combination should compliment not distract. And header images are great, but what’s the go with these huge things that take up the entire screen? *sigh*

What one theme gives me in one area, it fails in others. I have been through so many over the past week. At present, this grey theme gives ‘most’ of what I want. Not all. But maybe I’ll never be satisfied. For now, it will have to do.


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