Review: Dagon Haven

Dragon HavenDragon Haven by Robin Hobb

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book, which I reviewed last year, is called The Dragon Keeper.

The second book, Dagon Haven, is a continuation from the first book. The first few pages were about ”what had gone before” for those who may not remember where things were at, luckily for me I did, but I read it anyway to bring it all clear in my mind.

This is the second series I’ve read by Robin Hobb. The first one, The Farseer Trilogy, was great but it had long sections where nothing seemed to happen and equally long descriptions and weather reports (which I really do hate). I was able to let those things go because I became attached to the characters. However, in The Rain Wild Chronicles the author didn’t go off in these tangents as much and because of that I felt the books were easier to read…and much more enjoyable.

The story is told from several view points; all had their secrets and stubborn ways. I especially liked watching the characters grow and change. And there were “issues” to be dealt with that were quite confronting as well. Romance was foremost in these books, so I imagine they were mainly written for women, as I can’t see men enjoying them as much as there is lots of conflict, of the emotional kind, but few of the fighting kind.

The review is short as I don’t feel the need to go on and on about it. I really did enjoy the book and recommend it. It’s different.


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