Change of Theme…again

For those of you who have known me a long time, this sudden change of theme will not be a surprise. I like changing the look of a blog and I especially like a “clean” blog that works for me.

There are many good looking themes available through, and more are being added on a monthly basis, but just as many of them have little things wrong with them that I find irritating. For example, I might love the layout itself but hate the way images are displayed or how headings mess up the page or how bulleted sections hug the paragraph below or above. I might love the colour but not the style. Most of the time, I love quite a few things, but don’t like the blending of the posts and sidebar. Most of these things are purely personal preferences, but they are enough to be distracting to me.

This morning, I noticed “Choco” has been added to the themes. I like the rich colour. I like the distinction between the posts and the sidebar. I like the way the images are displayed and the headings. I haven’t seen a problem with bulleted items, as yet. I don’t mind the dark background with the lighter reading surface. So, yes, I decided to change the theme and give it an opportunity to prove itself.


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