Lost, but Not Found

After a much needed break on the coast, I have returned home to resume normal activities. The Kayelle Press website is progressing surprisingly well. I’m pleased with the look of it. I’m not so pleased with the few dozen logos I’ve made, but I’m a writer not a graphic artist, so there are no surprises there. I’ll keep trying.

Along with the website, I’m also planning other projects (which are top secret, at the moment). However, all the work I had done on one of these projects has been lost. Every single part of it. Gone!

How? That’s the embarrassing part. Prior to going away, I clearly remember deleting everything from a flash drive I was using. The folder was on that flash drive. I neglected to make a backup copy. I hadn’t transferred the folder onto my laptop or my external drive. I never emailed the documents to myself like I usually do. The folder on the flash drive was the only copy I had. As you can imagine, I’m more than a little angry at myself for being so careless. I have searched high and low for copies of what I had, but they don’t exist. I knew that before I started looking, but I searched anyway. I have to start again. *sigh*

I have no-one to blame but myself. Next time, I’ll be more careful. Have you done a backup lately?


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