Helping Authors Get Recognised

For years, I’ve felt that well known authors are the only writers who get any attention. Of course I understand the reasoning behind this, and I’m all for caution, but I know there are plenty of unknown authors who deserve recognition too.

With this in mind, I have come up with another idea to help out. Actually, to be truthful, this isn’t my idea at all. I’m going to steal it from Jim C. Hines, who has been using this method on his website for some time.

This is how it will work here:

  • Every time I mention a book, I will include links (if they exist) to the printed version either at Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble, followed by links to the epub version at the Kindle Store and/or Smashwords.

    Example: Speculative Realms Anthology ( Amazon / Smashwords )

  • The links are affiliate links and I will gain a small fee every time you use a link to go to a site to purchase a book.
  • With the credit I promise that for every book I purchase for myself, I will purchase another to give away as a prize on this website; be that a printed book or an ebook, it doesn’t matter.

There will be books of many genres, covering all ages – some of them will be classed as classics and best sellers, while others will be written by indie authors and not known at all.

Help me help you discover new authors and everyone wins. Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “Helping Authors Get Recognised

  1. Nice idea. You have great possibilities in the book and ebook market in the US. I am myself a huge fan of ebooks, but the market in germany is just in his very early stages and there are only a hand full of ebook stores that offer books in german language. The biggest one is i think. Even Amazon have less Ebooks in german.

  2. I’ve no idea who I’ll plug either, at this stage. Will decide when (if) the time comes to buy the books to give away. Have to make some money first, and that might prove the difficult part. 🙂

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