Amulet Rejection

About a month ago I submitted a short story – Amulet of Kemet – to a magazine. The story has had the benefit of a good “working over” by a good friend of mine and I feel confident that it’s a story that can find a publisher…if I persist.

A few days ago, I received a rejection from the publisher. However, as rejections go, this one was excellent. The editor wrote a short paragraph telling me that the premise was thoroughly enjoyed, but the main character did things that didn’t fit with his status. I was then given three examples which were directly focused on the character, which is the most helpful feedback a writer can receive. This was followed by some words of encouragement and the request that I send other completed work to them for consideration.

Rejections are awful – they can often depress the writer, sometimes they can even shatter confidences – but when feedback accompanies those awful words then it doesn’t feel like a rejection at all. Of course, the feedback may not necessarily be correct, but on this occasion I believe the editor is right – the character is acting wrong for the circumstances he’s in. I can see that plainly now that it has been pointed out and I will take the time to implement changes to that affect before I submit the story elsewhere.


4 thoughts on “Amulet Rejection

  1. You’re right, Karen, when you get really helpful feedback it takes away a lot of the sting. Keep working on it and send it out again soon! Good luck!

  2. The changes were only required in the first three pages. It took me several hours to get it right, but the edit is done and I’ve sent it out again only ten minutes ago (that’s the beauty of having a backup plan).

    I’m pleased with myself. 😀

  3. Weird that I almost feel like saying ‘congrats on the rejection.’

    Do you ever submit something just to see how it goes and what feedback it gets? I’ve done that sometimes.

  4. I haven’t done it because I don’t want to cross the resource off my list without giving it my best shot.

    I’ve had three rejections this week, actually. Two of them (the one mentioned in the post is one of them) were great rejections, the other was a “thanks, but no thanks” type that was very impersonal. So that’s two short stories out of three that got some good feedback. Yoohoo!

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