Indie Author: Avast Ye Lubbers, And Hear Ye Me Pirate Tale of Two Clicks!

I was doing the rounds of my blog roll (found at the bottom of this page) to catch up on other people’s news, when I came across Indie Author: Avast Ye Lubbers, And Hear Ye Me Pirate Tale of Two Clicks!.

The words not only rang true for me, I felt like climbing the tallest building in my area and shouting out my agreeance.  Greed!  It’s going to be the downfall of the publication industry.

Isn’t it better to sell a lot of books at a small cost than hardly to sell any books at a high price?  The more people who read the books, the more people will talk about the books and the more people who will buy the books. This, long term, will be more beneficial for all concerned.

How can a publisher justify selling a printed book for $14 and an electronic version of the same book for $13?  How can they sleep at night knowing they are ripping people off?  Why do readers pay the price?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, an ebook should be at least half the price of the printed version.

Then again…perhaps this “ebook war” is intentional.  Perhaps the publishers are deliberately sabotaging epublishing because they want it to “go away”. Or, perhaps greed is the only motivation behind their actions. If so, the industry is doomed.

I don’t like piracy. There will always be those who will never pay for anything if they can get it for free, I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about the people like me who would prefer to do the right thing. I write and I know the effort and sweat that goes into one manuscript. I want the creator of that manuscript to get what is due to them, but I understand why people turn to piracy when the asking price is set much too high.

What makes me angry is that the solution is simple. Stop being greedy and lower the prices!  Again, this will be more beneficial for everyone.


7 thoughts on “Indie Author: Avast Ye Lubbers, And Hear Ye Me Pirate Tale of Two Clicks!

  1. Totally agree with you about the greedfest, Karen. What was wrong with the $9.99 price for a new ebook??? Amazon had its best year, thanks in large part to ebook and Kindle sales . . . and during a crushing recession!

  2. Deborah, I don’t know what happened. All the ebooks I’ve looked at are dearer than the $9.99 they talk about. I won’t buy them as a result.

    Leigh, piracy will never be stamped out, but by lowering the price the people with a conscience will be more prone to buy the product. I know I would and I know other people who would too. But if the price is high then even the people with a conscience will consider piracy!

  3. “selling a printed book for $14 and an electronic version of the same book for $13”

    I don’t know how they justify selling like this, but I have a hard time buying like this. If I’m paying that close to the printed price for a ebook, I might as well buy the physical copy.


  4. Really agree with this post, Karen. Greed is indeed the problem.

    You would be interested in the Meanland project down in Melbourne, two journals starting a year long discussion on reading in the age of all this changing technology.

  5. I think along the lines of Paul, if I’m going to pay $1 or $2 less for an ebook, I may as well buy the printed version. Of course, the books I have to buy online (because they are not available in Australia) will be slightly different because postage will come into the equation. But that’s the beauty of ebooks; it doesn’t matter where we are, the reader still has the opportunity to read the book. Surely that’s a brilliant way of getting a wider audience!

    Benjamin, I’ll look up Meanland and see what I can discover.

  6. Over the weekend I was looking for books on writing book proposals and discovered that several of the ebooks were actually more expensive than the printed version. Needless to say I didn’t buy any of them as a result – printed or download. The discovery made me furious!

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