A Change of Direction Means a Change of Name

This website needs a new name. I’ve been pondering this conundrum for a while and I think I’ve made a decision. Obviously, nothing is set in stone, but I’m leaning towards a simple change that will describe the content of the website a lot clearer than the current name – Scribe’s Writing Desk.

I still see this website as my desk, however, now a variety of things happen at that work space. With this in mind, I am thinking of changing the name to “The Desk of Karen Lee Field”. It feels more appropriate to use my pen name rather than my online name, being The Scribe.

When time permits, I will work on a new banner and when I upload that, the new name will be official. At that time, I will also announce an opportunity to win a gift. But more details on that at the official opening of the renamed site…and when I’ve thought about how the contest is going to work! 😀


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