Found the Culprit

Apart from the fatal error messages, I was unable to delete posts and/or comments. You may have noticed a couple of test comments I made last week, which I never deleted…that was because I couldn’t. After finding the new path to the control panel, I decided to “repair” the database once again using the new tools and see if it made a difference. I noticed straight away that things were acting more normal than before.

I then deactivated all the plugins and reset the template to the default and did some “testing”. Everything worked fine (although in that half hour without “protection” I received in excess of 40 spam comments – grumble, mumble). I returned to this theme and still everything worked just fine. I activated one plugin at a time until the culprit was found – the archives plugin.

I know that the plugin wasn’t the only problem I had before, but it is now, so I’ve deactivated it. It’s a shame, because I love that plugin (in a platonic sort of way, of course). I liked the way it listed all the postings by name, but I suppose with so many posts it’s bound to end up causing a problem. I’ll now return to the simple month and category listing only.


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