Drastic Action Required

My host has finished the upgrade and I have upgraded WordPress and still the fatal error messages are appearing. I have also noticed that the website is periodically offline too and at these times there’s a database error message coming up.

I know the problem will not fix itself and I can’t just leave things how they are because it is bound to end up getting worse, which means I have no other options (as far as I know) than to create a new database and move the blog over to it before deleting the existing database. (I have attempted to repair the existing database several times already.)


At this stage, I am going to attempt doing this in a few hours time. I will proceed with the knowledge that I might lose everything and if that happens…so be it. I did manage to get a backup of the site on the weekend. Whether or not that backup is clean or not I will not find out until the time comes to restore.

If, by chance, I do lose everything then I will simply start again…no tears, no anger, no worries. Well, that’s the plan anyway. I keep telling myself “not to sweat the small stuff” and this really isn’t worth my worry.


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