Cards, Notes and Manuscripts…Gone!

On the weekend I thought just the cards for my children’s series had disappeared, but I now know that everything is gone. The cards, the notes and the manuscripts…all gone!

I couldn’t possibly have thrown them out, could I? I honestly can’t see myself doing that, not even in the dimmest of moments, not even accidentally. We’re talking about two large piles of cards, four huge (colourful) notebooks, and two whole manuscripts. There’s no way I would pick all that up and think it was rubbish. I’m definitely not that stupid.

Yet I’ve searched and searched…everywhere (the garage, the house, the computer room about 100 times, my bedroom the same amount of times, the shed, my son’s bedroom (but why it would end up in there is beyond me, but I searched anyway), the dog’s kennel (well, he has been known to steal library books, so…), every book shelf, every corner of the house, every cupboard, under the beds, behind anything that moves and doesn’t move…and none of it can be found. Part of me feels like I must be insane, but I know that’s not really true.

It’s all gone. But I do have electronic copies of the manuscripts so I can breathe a sigh of relief there.

Last night, I was quite upset about all this, but this morning – after a restless night – I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably for the best. Without all those notes and existing cards to distract me, I will have to work through the plan for the rewrite from the beginning and maybe that is what I really need to do anyway. I might be more creative this way and not work with blinkers on.

Public Goal: Today is Monday 10 September 2007 and I’m going to give myself until bedtime on Monday 24 September 2007 to produce a story arc for Book 1 of the series.


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