Edit: Cat’s Paw

This morning, I finished reading the first draft of Cat’s Paw. This draft was written during what I call Mini-NaNo in November last year. In all honesty, I thought the story was quite weak when I finished writing it, but, to my surprise I discovered after this read through that I was wrong!

It’s strange, I couldn’t even remember how the manuscript started, and was immediately impressed. I know I’m talking about one of my own stories, but if I can’t impress myself then I cannot expect to impress anyone else. The story has a “grabby” beginning and a real conflict.

But the story is lacking in other areas, even I have to admit that. My character description is a bit washed out, but after my attempts at producing an image of my new race at the beginning of the year, I am confident that I can fix that problem. There are definite women issues, meaning, there are no women in the story. I can fix that too. And some of the “confrontations” leave little to be desired, but nothing a bit of hard work can’t fix.

I believe this story will end up being longer than the first manuscript. By how much, I have no way of telling at this stage. Anyway, after dinner tonight, I intend to power up the laptop and start the edit of Cat’s Paw. The work in progress bar has been reset to zero. This rewrite will be quite thorough, including lots of new scenes and a couple of new threads. I’m not prepared to set a public goal at this stage. I want to wait and see how I progress through the first couple of chapters first.


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