What I Learned

This month, because of Mini-NaNo, I learned something about myself as a writer.

I don’t like to write every day. And I don’t intend to write every day again (unless I do another Mini-NaNo, which is highly likely, but I doubt I’ll wait until next Novermber).

Every writer is different. Some like to write in short spurts – writing a few paragraphs then wandering off to do something else, then coming back to write another few paragraphs before wandering off again. Others love to sit and write for hours on end – losing themselves to the story, forgetting to eat and the housework etc. Some from each group will write every day, whilst some will write when the mood takes them, and others only write on set days each week.

However you decide to write is up to you. As long as you do write. As long as the routine you chose gets the words down and the story told.

Personally, I prefer to set a goal to write a chapter a week. It doesn’t matter if I write that chapter in bits every day, or over several days, or all in one sitting. As long as at the end of the week the chapter is finished. Naturally, if I write more than the required chapter, that’s a bonus and I normally don’t include that in the tally for the following week.

What have you recently learned about yourself as a writer? How did this new found knowledge come about?


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