When a Writer Should Not Have to Wait

Being a writer, I’m used to having to wait for replies from editors of publishing houses and agents. The wait is usually a long one, and although it’s a nuisance, I accept that I have to wait. It’s part of the industry.

However, when I decided to find a professional editor for my children’s manuscript, I expected things to be different. I’m no longer hoping and praying that the editor notices my envelope stuck between the many others on his/her desk. This time I’m paying for their services and I expect to be treated in a professional manner.

I don’t expect to be ignored!

And that’s my experience so far with finding a professional editor. My messages are being ignored. It’s so frustrating. I understand that they are busy. But ignoring potential clients is not a healthy business practice in my eyes.

I’m told by someone else who has used this company that sending an email might be better. He said that most of his correspondence was responded to promptly. I’ll write that email over the weekend. Although I’ve heard glowing reports about the services provided by the company, I don’t like the way they handle enquiries. Why have an answering machine if you don’t intend to return the calls? It’s annoying!


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