Editing Again

Yesterday, I wrote the following:

I need to be productive and feel that what I’m doing is a worthy past-time. I need to write.

Therefore, starting tomorrow I am going to make an effort and return to Cat’s Eyes and see if I can lose myself in a fantasy world of my own creation.

Tonight, I kept to my word. I wrote; or should I say, I edited. Admittedly, I felt increasingly nervous as the day progressed and the hour in question got nearer. In fact, I was scared to death. But at 7.30pm I retrieved my cobweb covered laptop from it’s hiding place and looked at the pages I had been working on while on holiday three months ago.

It took me about half an hour to settle in and start to focus. After that, I was drawn in and my attention was held for almost two hours (when my focus suddenly snapped off and I began to fidget). I’m so pleased with myself, as I imagined that I’d be lucky to stay focused for one page.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to do the same thing. 😀


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