A Man's World

I work in the building industry. It’s a man dominated world. Most of the time I’m fine with this, but sometimes…I could just scream. I had one of those moments today.

The Man: I need this information.

Me: Give me your phone number. I’ll find out and phone you back.

The Man: Umm, is one of the guys there?

Me: Yes, but they would have to phone you back with the information too.

The Man: Yeah, well, can I speak to one of them. (Obviously, The Man is deaf.)

Me: Sure. (I put him through, cursing him under my breath.)

And, yes, the guys had to take his number and phone him back. Apparently, I wasn’t good enough to do that. That makes me feel so angry. The next time The Man rings asking me to do something for him, I won’t be so eager…or helpful.


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