No Working Title

As discussed yesterday (I think), maybe it was the day before, I started writing a new short story. At present, it has no title, but that will come later…I hope.

The first 250 words is based on the worst moment of my life, but isn’t completely true. I’ve changed some details to fit with where the story is heading. After that, it’s completely made up. Although I won’t share the details here, I can tell you that it’s heading in a dark direction. I think this is going to be a horror story. In fact, I know it is.

The story is NOT therapy for me. It’s just a story. It is exploring a recurring thought I’ve had over the past seven weeks. I don’t know why this thought keeps coming back, but I felt that maybe I should look into it and what better way to do so than by telling a story.

I have noticed that my writing is jarred, fragmented. This reflects the way my mind is working at the moment. It will be interesting to read the end result.


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