After my marriage broke up, I suffered insomnia for about 18 months. I would lay staring at the ceiling for hours upon hours, every night, and would only manage to fall into a light slumber for about three hours. It was a terrible time, and I lost a lot of weight.

That passed. I met Gary, and now he suffers insomnia. 😦

His is going onto two years now. He manages about four hours sleep at night, and feel exhausted all day. After such a long period of time, it’s dragging him down.

So imagine never being able to sleep. Well, this man hasn’t slept for 33 years. One night he had a fever and couldn’t sleep, and since that night, he’s never slept again – he’s now 64 years old. The thing is he’s healthy, and doesn’t feel any side affects. That is amazing!

This story got me thinking. What would you do with that extra time every night (if the sleepless nights didn’t affect you in any way)? Would you try to sleep? Would you take a look at that long list of things on your “to do” list and try to get some of them done? Imagine eight hours of non-interrupted time. Time when the rest of the household were sleeping peacefully, just like your neighbours and everyone else (hopefully) in your vicinity. How would you spend those precious hours?

Writing? I would.


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