Day 24: Chapter 7

Completing chapter 7 will take me to the half way mark. It’s already apparent that the 35,000 word goal will not be reached, but that’s fine. Remember, I’m writing a middle grade chapter book for children so as long as I get over 25,000 words and less than 40,000 words, I’ll be within the general guidelines.

My chapter plan tells me that I can have some fun in this chapter. I know the sorts of things that can happen but I didn’t want to be rigid about the details, so there might be some surprises for me. I can tell you that a few weeks ago I had some email discussions with a friend (who’s job it is to study the insect world) about bees and wasps and he’s given me some hints as to what might happen in this chapter. 😉 There’s a bit of a clue for you.

I’m looking forward to writing this chapter. Unfortunately, I have to go out for a few hours but it’s a long weekend so there is plenty of time.


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