Anthology Deadline

The next anthology deadline is in ten days so I have to put the novel planning to one side (which is mostly finished anyway) and go into edit mode instead.

During the last workshop (in May) I received three in-depth critiques. The comments varied from one end of the scale to the other, but it’s important for an author to hold on to their own style. One of the crits I received was trying to change that and I will ignore those comments. However, the critter did point out two things that could be vastly improved and might even come under the heading of “plot holes”, so I’ll look at changing those.

All comments/suggestions received during a critique should be considered. The critter is a reader and the whole point of receiving critiques is to find the weak spots of the story. What makes perfect sense to the author, might not make perfect sense to the reader. If this is the case, the author needs to clarify what’s happening.

As I mentioned earlier, I have ten days to do this edit. I don’t see this as being a problem and should have the edit finished by the end of the weekend.


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